Case Study - Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Levens Dentistry was acquired in late 2023. With expenses piling up, marketing was the last thing they could afford. Or so they thought.

Levens Dentistry
Google Ads


Taking the leap into marketing can be daunting, especially for a dental practice like Levens Dentistry, which recently acquired a new practice amidst mounting expenses. Initially hesitant, they opted to test the waters with a modest $500 monthly advertising budget.


With a limited budget and the need to validate the effectiveness of marketing spend, Levens Dentistry faced the challenge of achieving a high return on investment (ROI) to justify increasing their marketing budget.


To maximize impact, we employed a targeted approach, focusing on specific keywords indicative of high conversion intent. The goal was to attract potential patients actively seeking dental services, ensuring a higher likelihood of conversion.


With a finely tuned Google Ads campaign, we strategically invested the $500 budget to capture the attention of those most likely to become patients. Our focus remained on quality over quantity, aiming to attract serious inquiries rather than just a high volume of leads.


The campaign successfully brought in 10 new patients, resulting in a cost per lead of $50. This outcome was a turning point for Levens Dentistry. Convinced by the tangible results and the potential for growth, they agreed to triple their advertising budget to $1,500 per month.


This case study illustrates the power of targeted, data-driven marketing, even with limited resources. Levens Dentistry’s experience demonstrates how a strategic approach can yield substantial results, encouraging businesses to invest confidently in their marketing efforts.


The cost per lead in this analysis does not include our service fee. We invite interested parties to discuss this further for a comprehensive understanding of the campaign's impact.

What we did

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Lead Follow-Up

The team at Goyal Dental Marketing went above and beyond with our onboarding, even helping us figure out how to optimize our PPO insurance reimbursements.

Owner of Levens Dentistry
Initial Ad Budget
New Patients
Cost Per Patient
New Ad Budget

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