Transforming dental offices into digital powerhouses

All-in-one marketing solutions with the end goal always in mind — getting patients in through the door for dental offices.

We’ve worked with established and start-up dental offices

  • Crystal Cove Family Dental
  • Ethos Family Dental
  • Levens Dentistry
  • Riviera Family Dentistry

Harnessing technology for a brighter future

We believe technology is the answer to the world’s greatest challenges. We use artificial intelligence to follow up with lead within seconds.

Levens Dentistry

Case study

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Levens Dentistry was acquired in late 2023. With expenses piling up, marketing was the last thing they could afford. Or so they thought.

Crystal Cove Family Dental

Case study

Dental Emergency Appointments — The Bread & Butter

Running Emergency Ads is the easiest way to jumpstart your production.

Ethos Family Dental

Case study

Maximizing Dental Practice Growth with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is great at bringing in a high volume of patients into your dental chairs.

The team at Goyal Dental Marketing went above and beyond with our onboarding, even helping us figure out how to optimize our PPO insurance reimbursements.

Levens Dentistry

Services - We help your practice grow by using proven methods

Tailored to your unique situation, we will develop a personalized plan for your dental practice, taking into account your specific location and the duration of your practice's operation.

  • Website development. We specialise in crafting beautiful, high quality marketing pages. A visually appealing, easy-to-navigate site creates a positive first impression and helps establish credibility and professionalism.
  • Google & Facebook Ads. Google Ads have higher conversion rates but lower volume. Facebook Ads have lower conversion rates but higher volume. Both are important for a growing practice.
  • Lead Follow-Up. We follow up with leads within seconds of them contacting us using artificial intelligence. We also have systems in place to regularly follow up with patients and ask for reviews.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization means ranking in top 5 for dental related search terms in your local area. This helps diversify revenue so you're not fully reliant on paid advertising.

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