Case Study - Maximizing Dental Practice Growth with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is great at bringing in a high volume of patients into your dental chairs.

Ethos Family Dental
Facebook Ads


In the dynamic field of dental services, efficiently managing fixed expenses, such as staff salaries and operational costs, is crucial. Dental practices often face the challenge of underutilization, with costly idle time for staff and dentists. Ethos Family Dental in New Lenox, IL, tackled this issue by implementing a targeted Facebook ad campaign, focusing on attracting a steady flow of new patients.


With significant fixed costs, including staff wages and operational expenses, Ethos Family Dental needed to minimize idle time and maximize patient appointments. The practice sought an effective marketing approach to increase patient visits, especially for high-value dental services.


Ethos Family Dental invested in Facebook ads, targeting local residents with offers of free consultations and an attractive in-house discount plan. With a monthly ad spend of about $4,500, the campaign aimed to bring in a consistent stream of new patients, keeping the practice busy and optimizing resource utilization.


The Facebook ad campaign led to a notable increase in patient inquiries and consultations. Significantly, it resulted in closing a $40,000 all-on-four dental case. The high patient volume from the ads, including occasional high-value treatments, helped offset the ad costs and reduced the financial impact of fixed expenses by keeping the practice actively engaged.


Ethos Family Dental's experience demonstrates how Facebook ads can be a strategic tool for dental practices to manage fixed costs effectively by ensuring consistent patient appointments. This approach not only boosts revenue but also optimizes the utilization of staff and resources.

What we did

  • Web Development
  • Facebook Ads
  • Lead Follow-Up

What I like about Goyal Dental Marketing compared to other marketing firms we have worked with is that they follow up with the leads too.

Office Manager at Ethos Family Dental
New patients in Jan 2024
Increase in patients YoY
Increase in ad spend
New Patient Production

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